Digital Marketing: A Vital Necessity for Businesses

At the heart of every successful business, lies one inherent thing that seems inevitable and necessary. The simple yet subtle term what we call Customer. A business would die down in a matter of days or months if the customers reject the very idea that the business proposed. On the other hand, if the outcomes of a business received widespread acceptance, the same business could be transformed into a booming opportunity for success. Business has always been more about being able to interpret the demands of the customer rather than about profit and loss. Without the customer, the concept of profit and loss would cease to exist. Eventually, it all boils down to one simple fact. For a business to be able to withstand the force of a strong competitive market, it has to deliver according to the demands in a rather economical manner while being uncompromising on quality and safety parameters.

Marketing is the art of being able to publicize services and products to a certain consumer base by employing suitable methods of outreach to the customer. With the advent of newer and faster means of propagation, these days products and services are almost known to the entire consumer population without much effort. Let us take the case of one of the most successfully implemented and tested marketing practices: Advertisements.


The Significance Of Advertisements

When we were kids or our younger selves, we were naturally used to seeing Sachin Tendulkar talk about the benefits of Boost as a supplement drink on TV. In the field of Supplement drinks, Boost already has a huge competitive market that has the likes of Horlicks, Cadbury Bournvita, Complan etc who already have received great response from the Customers in terms of product quality and effectiveness. Now maybe Boost is capable of maintaining product quality at par with Horlicks or Complan and other similar competitors, but how will the consumers come to know about Boost and its product quality? This is where Marketing comes into play. Effective marketing basically projects Boost as a viable and equally competent option as Horlicks or Cadbury Bournvita in the minds of the Consumer base. This leads to gradual awareness among the general mass to adopt Boost as an option in comparison to Horlicks or other brands.


As time progresses, everything around us tend to change and develop into something more evolved and more efficient. This change brings about a constructive transformation in our lives making it better and safe. In the field of Marketing, such levels of changes are quite prominent and evident. One such change that has redefined the concept of marketing is Digital Marketing.


The Concept Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a method of advertising that is done through various digital media channels such as Mobile applications, Websites, Social media, emails etc. Digital Marketing companies often focus on various aspects of Marketing such as Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing and other options that can be looked into as a means of transmitting information about products and services delivered by the company in general. The use of digital technologies makes this method particularly effective and efficient in awareness of consumers about goods and services delivered by digital marketing companies.


Various types of digital marketing Social media marketing

In the last decade, Social Media has emerged as an essential part of our lives. Anything that happens around us, social media has a big role in propagating information that is of value to us in no time. Social media marketing aims to advertise about the products and services of a company on popular social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc where people are frequently active. The activity graph of people is particularly interesting in this case as the more the activity of people, the more the people will be aware of goods and services provided by a company. Quite often we see advertisements about Electric Companies such as Siemens etc on Social media channels for various products and services provided. These advertisements tend to create a general image in the mind of a person regarding the availability of products and services from so and so company. This when imagined on a larger mass or bigger consumer base can ultimately prove to be very beneficial for the company as the outreach is successful as a result of digital marketing.



Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine optimization is another widely adopted technique that has been used extensively by digital marketing companies to communicate to a consumer base about their products and services. This marketing technique employs the effectiveness of the Internet to do most of the marketing work. This method essentially involves increasing the web traffic to a particular company’s website so that awareness about the company increases. All search engines are based on primary search results where the web pages appear on the basis of rankings that are further based on the degree of relevance. This form of marketing is independent of any financial investment which makes it a highly cost effective and go to option for every company. SEO is one of the most advanced forms of Internet marketing that has had widespread international success over the years. This technique therefore has incredible results for a company when carried out perfectly.

Search Engine Marketing And Email Marketing

The other techniques like Search Engine Marketing, Email marketing are rather conventional forms of marketing but pretty new nonetheless considering the age of Internet. In case of Search engine Marketing, the primary means of advertising is paid advertisements on popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo , Bing etc. This method is not very cost effective but is very influential on the users given that a lot of users use these search engines regularly. Email Marketing on the other hand is marketing that is based on sending emails to users about products and services delivered by a company. This is a rather personalised form of marketing yet relatively effective as well.



How Digital Marketing Helped Us

At Hexalearn, we believe in being the best. Our products and services are on par in quality with our other competitors. However, just delivering the best doesn’t mean that our products and services receive global exposure and are accepted worldwide. We understood that to be successful, marketing was an equally important aspect that needed to be taken care of. To ensure that we become a global name that stands for perfection in the products and services delivered, we forayed into the world of Digital Marketing on May 1, 2017. We chose Email Marketing as our form of Digital marketing and the results that we obtained were quite astonishing. The following statistics were obtained from Google Analytics Report of

The adoption of Digital marketing as a viable marketing strategy led our Facebook Likes and Follower count from 1375 and 1200 respectively to 3605 and 3599. On a similar effect, the Twitter Followers list rose from the previously existing number of 2861 to an appreciable increase leading up to 4210 followers. Given the popularity of YouTube, it is also worth noting that the number of YouTube subscribers increased to 2258 from the previous measure of 1200 subscribers.

Going by the statistics, one fact seems particularly significant. Digital Marketing is indeed an incredible assistant of successful business strategies for popularisation of products and services while simultaneously increasing the consumer base. In the end, it is a definite conclusion that Digital Marketing will continue to prove to be a game changer when it comes to cut throat competition between two business rivals.

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