Top E-Learning Trends and Predictions 2018

Knowledge that is not being used for winning of further knowledge does not even remain – it decays and disappears.

J.D.Bernal, Science in History (Vol. 3)

To mirror the above quote into our very existence and evolution seems weirdly and yet ironically precise. As humans, our lives have never been a stable pond of slow change. Rather it has been like an evergreen stream of water flowing from the mountains to its ultimate destiny: the Oceans. Put it together simply and it means Perfection to us. Perfection is one word that we never seem to have enough of. It has been our tool of evolution and it has been the Picasso of modern Technology.

We as a species have stood together united by the virtues of knowledge. Our accurate understanding of applicable knowledge has brought ourselves to better our lives smoothly and simultaneously inspire others to make the world an even better place. It is a mutually collective event that we have put our minds together to equip ourselves with innovative thinking and an even advanced form of transmitting information and knowledge. Education as we know it has been a crucial factor of change fuelled by our inquisitive character.

As have any aspect of our lives have stood the test of time to evolve, so have our minds. Over the course of the last few decades, we have come up to face our biggest challenge yet: The challenge of transmitting information and wisdom to every corner of the globe with considerable ease. And just like every other time, Internet once again stood up to save the day. Can you imagine a day in our lives without internet? It would be pretty much exciting to write a book perhaps with the same title. Because that very question does make us clueless and puzzled in the first instant. One of the best gifts of the Internet over the past few years has been its ability of reaching beyond physical and communal boundaries to empower people with knowledge, education and Learning. While learning was never intangible, yet Internet has certainly added a new dimension to it. E-Learning as we call it, has now seen prominence to be the face of a modern learning system.

In the beginning, E-Learning served as a vital boost to textbook learning. But Textbook learning as it turned out wasn’t as flexible as Internet in the aspects of Global outreach. In the dawn of the age of technology, Technology and innovation go hand in hand. Time therefore has become a crucial factor in any matter of learning. Year after year, E-Learning progressed into a major tool that has been effective and overtly efficient in rapid transfer of knowledge and information. For example, when Gravitational Waves were first detected in 2015, the entire world was aware of the news of the discovery of this cosmic phenomenon in a matter of hours. Had it not been for the internet, we would have known about it probably after a week or maybe even a month. Well, no one could exactly say what would happen had there been no internet.

Year after year, we get to realise E-Learning will only evolve. While E-Learning continues to be relatively new in the Indian Market, yet in the recent times many E-Learning companies in India have come up to the shore. It promises to be revolutionary given India is still considered a third world economy. As of 2018, E-Learning has brought about great competition among the top E-Learning companies in India and it has brought about drastic yet, constructive changes to every sector of Indian economy. Some of the top trends and predictions of E-Learning are as follows:


  1. Personalized Systematic Learning

    While the term may be open to various perspectives under personal opinion, E-Learning promises to provide subtle yet effective learning methods that will cater to the learning needs of individuals in a discrete manner. Every individual is unique in terms of intellect and knowledge. E-Learning would impart knowledge and information to every individual personally so that the learning process is highly involved of individual approach. In other words, E-Learning promises to build a learning system that is based highly on monitoring personal strengths and weakness.

  2. Performance Evaluation

    E-Learning has been in the field of learning and education for some quite some time now. In the recent years, it has been strongly believed that the pathway to improvement begins at rigorous inspection by ourselves. This has prompted E-Learning developers to monitor the performance of certain processes and individuals through meticulous E-Learning methods so as to understand the overall effectiveness of E-Learning systems. E-Learning has those positive signs to lead the way for swifter performance Evaluation techniques that may be employed widely to refine the learning processes.

  3. Smart Learning

    The past decade has been the decade of Smart phones. Every cell phone user now possesses multiple numbers of Smart Phones to stay updated to the latest technology. Needless to say, Technology has been a major benefactor of E-Learning. Through the veins of modern technology, there lies infinite scope for development and learning. 2018 promises to be the dawn of Smart Learning i.e E-Learning transcending through Smart Phones to reach the grasps of millions of Smart Phone users. The very idea of it sounds very exciting and innovative in the very least. If implemented appropriately and effectively, Smart Learning can prove to be particularly handy for everyone.

  4. Social Media based E-Learning

    The young blood of this generation is outrageously inclined to spending significant amounts of time on the social media channels. Be it entertainment or communication, youths are perhaps the brightest example of how fast communication can be these days. E-Learning in 2018 may be channelled extensively through Social Media to propagate knowledge creatively. Not only will this method be absorbed essentially, it will be the easiest way to connect with large numbers of people at the same time.

  5. Interactive E-Learning

    E-Learning is already diverse and multi-functional on its own. Learning is the only way we can teach ourselves to improve and better our performances. With modern developments in the fast paced world, learning can never be one dimensional anymore. This is one aspect E-Learning will definitely improve in 2018. E-Learning would facilitate video based learning programs that would enable the user to not only understand the theoretical aspects of a subject but also see for oneself how things are done practically. This will create a clearer perspective and understanding on the part of the user in learning as well as training programs.

The above said trends and predictions are limited to our intellect. But as we are competent, so are our developments. It is definitely convincing for sure that E-Learning will rejuvenate learning standards by miles compared to the existing ones.

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