Are You Looking at Converting Flash-based Content to Html5?

In the year 2009, Steve Jobs, arguably one of the best minds in business, nailed the coffin of Flash by declaring it to be buggy and resource hungry. The result is the whole world moved to a new technology HTML5.

With the tremendous boom in mobile technology and people preferring to go mobile for learning, the E-Learning industry moved from Flash to HTML5 rapidly. Since most mobiles don’t support Flash, it was obvious that Flash would become obsolete with time. The answer to Flash was HTML5; the biggest advantage it offered was responsive design, the ability to fit practically any screen-size. This was a huge boost for mobile users as there are so many screen sizes available.

According to top E-Learning companies in India, global clients prefer HTML5-based courses now that can directly be viewed in mobile devices. There is a huge demand in the conversion of Flash-based legacy course to HTML5-based courses.

HexaLearn, one of the top 10 E-Learning companies in India, offers state-of-the-art HTML5-based modules and conversion from Flash-based content to HTML5.

Conversion process

Accordingly to experts from HexaLearn, there are three broad processes while converting Flash-based content to HTML5:

  1. Conversion of the Wireframe:
    It is the main shell that holds the module content together. Most E-Learning companies utilize an authoring tool (Articulate Storyline, Adobe CS6 with Create JS, Adobe Captivate, Trivantis Lectora, Domin know Claro, etc.) for efficiently producing HTML5 output. Some also prefer custom HTML5 development for tailored development.
  2. Conversion of Look and Feel:
    Needless to say, the interface and look and feel of a responsive web application is quite different from a typical Flash-based content. Experts from HexaLearn say that special attention needs to be paid in arranging the layout to ensure optimal learning experience across different devices.
  3. Conversion of content:
    A key element, of course, in any learning module is the content. Industry experts emphasize the need for a content design that suits responsive layout to maximize learning outcome. A poorly designed content can destroy the learning experience in the responsive layout.


Why convert Flash-based content to HTML5?

Analysts from HexaLearn opine that conversion of Flash-based content to HTML5 has many benefits.

  1. Reduced cost and time:
    Flash-based content needs to be created afresh in multiple versions to be able to run on different devices, which makes it very expensive. HTML5 based content needs to be built only once.
  2. Easy to maintain:
    Editing and maintaining HTML5 content is a lot easier than editing Flash-based content.
  3. No Plug-ins are required to access the course:
    HTML5 removes the major drawback of Flash-based courses of installing player plug-in. All you need a web browser and you can run HTML5-based modules.
  4. Reduced file size:
    HTML5-based modules are generally several times lighter when it comes to file size for the same amount of content. This enables it to run smoothly with minimal bandwidth requirement.
  5. Faster loading time:
    As the source file is smaller, the time taken to load SVG graphics is much less when compared to other image formats.
  6. Fully supports mobile apps:
    According to a study conducted by Morgan Stanley, more people access the Internet on their mobiles than desktop computers. This tremendous surge in the usage of “mobile Internet” demands learning modules to be accessible on the go for better time management, and ease of access. HTML5 is the ideal solution to fulfill this demand.If you have legacy Flash-based content, it is high time you think seriously about conversion to HTML5.
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HexaLearn is an ISO certified learning & software solutions company based out of India. Our organization was built with the belief that with the years of experience we have and our passion for partnering growth, we would be the preferred choice for clients across the globe. We do not believe in limitations & restrictions, instead what we believe in is the drive to succeed and deliver the best within those limitations. Nothing in this world is painted the way you want it... but fortunately we have built a team & have the technical competency to paint it your way!

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